Fraunhofer IOSB

Optronics, system technology, image evaluation

We research and develop multisensor systems which enhance people's environmental awareness and interaction abilities. This starts with the generation and automatic evaluation of aerial and satellite images, e.g. of a disaster area, and extends to the sorting and quality control of bulk materials such as coffee beans or minerals.

When things get too fast, inaccessible or dangerous for humans, e.g. under water or in contaminated areas, mobile robots can be employed as sensor carriers to assess the current situation. Transparent and interactive video systems guarantee more protection and security. All of these systems are connected with state-of-the-art information technologies, for which we also develop and offer cyber security solutions.

We develop software for the planning, control and operation of industrial production processes, have web technologies for information management in complex database systems, e.g. for the collection, intelligent linking and evaluation of environmental or energy management data.

The department Visual Inspection Systems (SPR) develops and delivers systems for automatic visual inspection applications in industry. SPR is part of the business unit Visual Inspection and the core competence area Optronics. At present, the most important application areas are the automatic inspection of blister packs in the pharmaceuticals industry, the automatic sorting of bulk materials, surface inspection, color measurement of granules and print layout inspection. All applications are characterized by the fact that the inspection keeps pace with high-throughput manufacturing processes. This reflects the high processing power of the image evaluation systems that are used. High-resolution line scan cameras of various types (color and gray) are used exclusively as imaging sensors. The imaging equipment is tailor-made for the respective task and particular use is made of folded beam paths and flashed LED lighting. The products produced by the department are used in industrial applications worldwide. Marketing and service are essentially handled by partner companies. In individual cases, the business unit does, however, develop directly for the end user and also handles installation and service.