Some interesting facts about radar and terahertz technology

Photorealistic aerial images, high-precision measurement of satellite orbits, a look beneath the Earth's surface, presentation of the air situation through the utilization of TV and radio stations – these are just a few examples of the remarkable capabilities of radar. Due to its unique capabilities – independence from weather and daylight, high distance range, high sensitivity to range rate changes and the generation of high resolution images – radar is now an indispensable tool for military and civilian applications.

What is radar?

Radar works with electromagnetic waves, similar to radio waves. Radar can be used to generate a multitude of information and images.

The development of radar techniques

Radar was developed by Christian Hülsmeyer on the basis of experiments conducted by Heinrich Hertz. Today, radar finds application in many areas of daily life.

General information on terahertz technology

Terahertz is a frequency spectrum in radar technology. Thanks to its good resolution characteristics, it is a good alternative to optical sensors or X-ray.